All your areas will be covered

Get tools so that waiters, cooks, cashiers, bussers, delivery man and managers, work collaboratively, saving time and money, while you can keep track of everything that happens in your restaurant, wherever you are at all times.

Your staff does not need technical knowledge to start using Meniuu tools

Start taking orders and payments

Upgrade your old cash register for something easier to use

Your Cashiers and Waiters can take orders quickly and send them in real-time to the kitchen to save time, You can create an account for each cashier and server and they can access from any smartphone or tablet to start taking orders, Obtain metrics and analytics of your sales and inventories by registering all orders. See more

Digital Tickets in Kitchen

Don't spend more money on paper

Make your cooks and waiters work in sync.
With the Meniuu digital tickets system,
your work team will be able to quickly receive all orders, they will be able to mark which dish has already been cooked or which has already been delivered, create an account for each cook and each server so that you can track the performance of each one separately. See more

Start accepting card payments

Instantly, without cumbersome procedures

No complicated terminal machines
Accept all types of debit or credit cards, never lose more customers because you cannot charge them.
Receive all card payments directly to your bank account. See more

Digital Menu and Contactless payment

Update your Menu in PDF for an Interactive Menu

Your customers can scan a QR Code with their smartphones, to see the menu and order from there if you want, the order will arrive directly in the kitchen. You will no longer have to spend every time you make changes to the menu. See more

Expand your business

Start selling food online

Allow your customers to order and pay directly from your social media and allow them to choose if they want to pick it up at your local or if they want home delivery. forget about the huge app commissions, Connect with local delivery people near you to make deliveries for you. See more

Metrics, Reports and Analytics

Everything that is measured can be controlled

Take control of your sales, inventories, performance of your staff and preferences of your customers, so you can make decisions based on data. See the information you need at all times, wherever you are. See more