Make Teamwork easier at your Restaurant

With Meniuu's all-in-one Platform, you get everything your team needs to collaborate seamlessly, from servers and cooks to cashiers, bussers, delivery drivers, managers and even customers. Track and manage all business activities from anywhere.

Transform any device, such as an iPad, tablet, or smartphone, into a tool for your team's productivity.

Simplify Your Cashier's Work

Replace your outdated cash register with a modern and user-friendly POS

With Meniuu, your cashiers can take orders and process payments with ease, sending orders directly to the kitchen and reducing paper waste. Each cashier can have their own account, accessible from any smartphone or tablet, allowing you to track sales and inventory metrics in real-time. See more

Smart Tickets for Your Cooks

No More Paper Tickets

With Meniuu's smart tickets, your cooks will receive all orders directly on their kitchen displays, and they can mark which dish has already been cooked or served. You can create an account for each cook, and they can access it from any device, so you can track their performance individually. See more

Smart tickets for your Servers and Bussers

Teamwork like never before

Your servers and bussers will be able to have better communication and less chaos with smart tickets, they will be able to mark what has already been served and thus know what needs to be prepared or served. create an account for each server or busser, they can login from any device. so you can measure the performance of each of them. See more

The perfect tool for your Servers

Order taking made easy

Servers can take orders directly from customer tables and those orders can be sent directly to cooks. The servers can keep track of their open tables, they can charge when taking the order or they can charge at the end, create an account for each server, they can access from any device. so you can track the sales and performance of each of them.See more

Start accepting all types of debit/credit cards

Get paid quickly and easily

Whether your waiters or cashiers take physical orders or your customers order online, you can accept card payments, all card payments will go directly to your bank account. You can accept payments from the moment you create a Meniuu account, without the need to use cumbersome machines or complicated procedures. See more

Your tables with QR Menus

More serving, less waiting

With Meniuu's QR ordering system, your customers can easily place their orders directly from their table, freeing up your servers to spend more time with guests and increase table turnover. You can create a unique QR code for each table, enabling you to track customer behavior and improve service quality. See more

Build Your Own Self-Ordering Kiosk

A Fast and Simple Experience for Your Guests

Meniuu's self-order kiosk allows your customers to order food by themselves, providing a faster service experience. This allows your staff to focus on preparing and serving more dishes. you can convert any iPad or tablet into a self-service kiosk. See more

Sell Food Beyond Your Location

Say goodbye to commissions.

Online Ordering, Pickup, and Delivery

Your customers can order and pay directly from your social media pages and choose whether to pick up their food or have it delivered to their door. Say goodbye to the high commissions charged by food delivery apps and start selling food under your own brand. Your customers won't need to download any app, making it easier for them to place orders. Meniuu also allows you to connect with local delivery drivers in your area to help with deliveries. See more

Connect with Professional Delivery Partners

Expand Your Delivery Coverage

With Meniuu, you can easily connect with hundreds of professional delivery partners who are already out there making deliveries. Simply send them an invitation to connect with you, and every time you receive an online order with home delivery, your connected delivery partners will receive it too. This way, you can always have reliable coverage to fulfill your deliveries and expand your business. See more

Boosting the Local Economy

Connecting Local Businesses with Delivery Professionals

By connecting local businesses directly with delivery professionals, we help them avoid unnecessary expenses in commissions charged by third-party delivery services. With Meniuu, you can send invitations to delivery professionals in your area and work with them directly to deliver your orders.

If you're a delivery professional interested in connecting directly with restaurants and other businesses, you can create a Meniuu Driver account here and start offering your services directly to them. See more

Track everything that happens in your business

Everything that is measured can be improved

Take control of your sales, inventories, expenses, performance of all your team and preferences of your customers, so you can make decisions based on data. See full metrics and analytics, wherever you are any time. See more