All your areas are covered

What was complicated, today is easy

Configure yourself the tools to operate your restaurant effectively, from tools to take orders and payments, to tools so that cooks can facilitate the elaboration of dishes

A point of sale for
every place and every moment

No technical knowledge is needed

Start taking payments and orders today and register all your sales, taking control of your inventory, with your own point of sale, create all the points of sale terminals that your restaurant will need from a single Meniuu account. See more

kitchen display to collaborate

Goodbye Paper

In collaboration, receive all orders taken, directly in your
kitchen monitors, and marking them in collaboration which has already been
completed and which has already been served or delivered. See more

Start accepting card payments

Instantly, without cumbersome paperwork

Without complicated terminal machines
Accept all types of debit or credit cards, never lose more customers by
not being able to charge them. See more

Digital Menu for your Customers

forget about paper menus

Now your customers can scan a QR Code to see the menu, without spending on paper menus every time you make changes to your menu, your customers can order and pay for themselves, with their own smartphones See more

Expand your Business
beyond your location

Start selling food through social networks

Allow your customers to order and pay directly from their social networks and Permits to choose if they want to pick it up at your Local or want to home Delivery. See more

Metrics, Reports and Analytics

Everything that is measured can be controlled

Take control of your sales, inventories, performance of your staff, preferences of your customers, so that you make decisions based on data. See more