Start receiving all kinds of Payments in your Restaurant

Start accepting payments in cash, Cards, Crypto-currencies, Google and Apple Pay from today

Start Today, it's Free

No complex terminals

All Meniuu tools are ready so that from these tools you can take all kinds of payments instantly, whether they order through the Points of sale, such as portable points of sale, self-order kiosks, or by social-network ordering can accept all kinds of payments from any tool in an easy and fast way

Your sales, your money

Receive all your Payments directly in your bank account, configure from your account where you want to receive payments from your sales

Designed for restaurants around the world

With a single Meniuu account, you can charge your customers in different currencies, cards issued by different types of banks around the world, This also means that you can receive payments from any tourist who visits your restaurant regardless of their payment method

Safe, powerful and robust

All card payments are encrypted from point to point. and with a payment tracking system with which you and your customers can be sure that their records will let them enjoy the delicious food

Transfer times

For deposits in bank accounts in the United States, they are 1 day, that is, daily deposits if your bank account is based in the United States, For banks based outside the United States the transfers are 5 days, you receive all your funds every 5 days as the banks approve and validate the transfers.

Card Processing Fee

For deposits in accounts based in the United States, the charges for each successful purchase is 3.3% + 30 cents, deposits are made directly to your bank account. For deposits in bank accounts outside the United States, the card processing fees for each successful purchase are 9.9% + 99 cents

You can charge in different types of currencies according to your country, although deposits are made in US dollars

Card processing charges are in US dollars, all deposits to beneficiaries are made in US dollars, each bank in each country could define the exchange rate of each transfer, the exchange rate will depend on the exchange rate in any time, specify the exchange rate of each bank in each country