Say hello to your new waiter

Meniuu GO allows your customers' smartphones to take orders and pay for themselves, in an easy and friendly way as a waiter would.

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Skip the line, without waiting

Make your restaurant a different experience, your customers can arrive, Order, Pay and Eat, no lines, no waiting, no records, using the power of their own smartphones

No need to download applications

Your customers will not need to wait and they will not need to download any application to order and pay at their restaurant, they will be able to use QR code scanners that already come on their smartphones

Collaborative Work Tool

Distinguish each order of each table and provide a personalized service for each of your customers, Meniuu GO helps you to make each of your special customers feel, all orders come directly to the cooks displays and waiters displays to put hands to action

We support employment

Meniuu GO does not intend to employ fewer people, although you could easily do it, instead, we recommend placing them in other areas, for example in the kitchen, to be able to cook orders more quickly or in areas to keep the establishment in optimal conditions, and even open other areas such as public relations to attract more customers to its establishment among many. other talents to be exploited

Meniuu GO as well as the point of sale allows you to have reports and analyticsof what happens in your restaurant