Manage your business anytime, anywhere

Create, edit, configure, analyze, measure, delegate. All about your restaurant in one place.

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Build to make smart and fast decisions

Edit as many times as you want the menu you are selling in your restaurant, assign or change access to your tools, obtain metrics and reports of everything that happens in your restaurant such as sales, inventories or personnel, at any time, anywhere

The creative magic is in your hands

Create each of Meniuu's tools from your account, create the accounts you need from Points of sale, Displays, tables, links, plates, kiosks, etc.

For example, a new cashier account for the new personnel of the staff, or a new social account for the seller in case a new social network came out and you do not want to lose the sale through that channel, create or update dishes and prices of your where is this

Everything that is measured can be controlled

Have access to metrics and analysis of everything that happens in your restaurant, for example, sales, products, inventory, service times, for example how many dishes are sold more or which less, and what product of your inventory is sold more take of Firm decisions.

Alerts that tell you

Get sales alerts, for example, if they are higher than normal and you take up the supply of products and more personnel to meet the demand, or another example, if sales are a bit low, you may be able to send someone to home or make some decisions as the case at all times

Configure your payments

Since Meniuu in all its tools allows you to accept card payments. From your own account you can see the amount of your sales in real time and those with a card choose in which bank account to choose to receive payments from your customers