Sell ​​beyond your location space

Grow your business exponentially and start selling your meals easily throughout your city through your social networks or website

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Promote your business, not apps

With Meniuu Social-media, your customers can order directly from your social networks without having to download apps, so all traffic generated by your advertising will focus only on your social networks and sales for your establishment, not for other establishments, at same time that your customers will love you for not filling their phones with more applications

Fall in love with your customers with your menu

Your customers can easily view your menu, select dishes and customize them, for example: choose if you do not want onions and want more sauce or what you need, you can also charge additional charges if you wish, for example + $ 8.99 for additional cheese in the pasta or $ 10.99 for extra avocado, you decide your prices

Offer to pick up or home delivery

You can choose if the orders that your customers make are to be picked up at your location when the dish are ready or if you will deliver them to the location chosen by the customer, you can establish an additional cost to your choice to take them in home delivery, for example $4.99 for delivery, you receive that amount not third parties, that will also be another income for your business

Measure, implement and measure again

Get metrics of which social network or channel is giving you more sales and optimize the decisions of your acquisition, as well as you will have metrics of the dishes that are sold more and less, so you can make sound decisions in your operation.

All the orders of your customers arrive directly to the Cooks kitchen displays as well as to the Waiters kitchen Displays to provide a Fast and efficient service to your Customers