Independent delivery-guy Network

Join the network of Independent delivery-guy and link to Restaurants near you, so that you earn money for delivering their delicious Orders to the Domiciles of the diners

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More than an App, it is a Community

Sign up and be part of the network of independent delivery-guy, who decide how much to charge and who to work with

Set your own Rates

By linking directly with the restaurants, you negotiate and decide your own rates for each delivery, for each restaurant, you will charge the restaurant directly, not us

Link only with those you decide

Choose only the restaurants you want to work with, although you can also select as many as you can

Receive Notifications for each Order

You will receive a notification to accept or reject for each order, Choose only the orders that best suit you

Connect or disconnect whenever you want

Turn off or on your application depending on when you want to make deliveries, you decide your own times

"Independent delivery-guy Network" is a tool that facilitates direct communication between restaurants and delivery-guy.

Restaurants and delivery-guy must process their own taxes, permits and regulations in the states and countries where they apply,

"Independent delivery-guy Network" works like any other tool on the network that facilitates communication and collaboration between individuals, leaving the responsibility of the regulations with their operations in the hands of individuals, since The "Independent delivery-guy Network" has no direct business relationship with the parties.

The mission of the "Independent delivery-guy Network" is to support local economies to become stronger, providing tools that facilitate communication and collaboration.