The Display in the kitchen for your cooks

Meniuu kitchen display is the second brain of your cooks, who assists them in the rain of orders and allows them to know at all times in which dish they go

Tickets that facilitate work

Their cooks receive all the orders in digital tickets that allow them to know the details of each dish, without having to decipher the letter of the waiter, for example, the cooks will know what dish they want extra onion and what dish they do not want tomato and what waiter is the order

Interacting tickets

Cooks can mark plate by plate that they have already finished cooking so they can free their minds and concentrate on those other dishes

Collaborative work

More than a screen, it is a collaborative work tool between cooks and waiters, it improves communication and teamwork, through a collaborative interface between Waiters Displays and Cooks Displays

Receive all orders in real time

On the kitchen Display you receive all the orders of all your customers, whether they are ordered by your cashiers at the point of sale, by your waiters at the portable point of sale, also directly made by customers from the kiosks self-ordering. or made from their homes or offices By ordering through social networks, your cooks can always start taking action on every order to start doing it