The tool for your waiters

Meniuu portable POS, is the tool that will save you time when taking orders at each customer's tables and sending them to the kitchen

No longer distances

Your waiters can go through the places of their customers, pick up orders and payments quickly and send orders directly to the kitchen without having to walk long distances, the orders arrive directly to the kitchen Displays

No matter how they write

Yours waiters should no longer worry that the cooks don't understand their lyrics, now they can, on each plate give indications that the cooks can read without problem.

Ready to collect when customer ordering

The waiters can charge at each table at the time of taking the order, for example: a crowded bar, the waiter asks for the amount charged and then delivers the drinks.

Take Order, Serving and charge later

The waiters can take orders, send the order to the kitchen and charge until the end, for example, a sushi restaurant that first serves the food and customers pay at the end

waiters can charge with cash or with any credit / debit card