Do It Yourself

In just 4 steps you can start receiving your orders and payments online.

No special training, technicians or installation required,
Estimated Configuration Time: 30 minutes


Create your Meniuu Account,
(2 Minutes)

Register your Restaurant’s information
Confirm your bank’s details and the account where online payments should be sent you

(For the moment, only U.S. Bank Accounts and Cell Phones can be used to register via our platform; a cell phone number is required to confirm your account and receive our confirmation code.)


Create your Menu,
(21 Minutes)

Create the menu categories and assign
one photo per category
Create the dishes for each category, and for each dish assign a photo, description and price

(You’ll only need to create a few dishes to start testing with online orders and purchases- don’t worry about making a test purchase, the funds will be sent straight to your registered bank account.)


Create the usernames and passwords for the tablets for where you’ll receive your orders, for the chef, for the servers and cashier, (5 minutes)

Login via your tablets here:
Click on orders and synchronize to receive
your orders in realtime

(Login with the main email registered to your Meniuu account, together with the new username and password that you created. Every time you login or start a new session, it’s important to click on synchronize)


Copy and paste the URL “pick up”
(2 minutes)

Copy the URL link for Pick-Up Orders
and add it to your website or share via
your social media pages,
And you’re now ready to start
receiving orders online!

(your customers can start to enjoy making new orders online as soon as you publish the Pick-up Orders link on your website or social media accounts.)