The display in the waiters bar

Meniuu kitchen display is the intelligent assistant of its waiters that helps them with the large flow of customers and orders, keeping control of their orders

Tickets that facilitate your work

Your waiters receive all orders in digital orders that allow them to know the details of each order as a table number and notify the cook of any details, for example, if a customer requests an additional bread and the dish does not have it, the waiter can ask the cook to add it

For large and small teams

All your waiters can use the same account on a Display, ideal for small teams.

Or you can also assign a different account on different Displays for each waiter, ideal for large teams. to cover large working distances.

Interacting Tickets

Their waiters can mark plate by plate that they have already delivered, so that those who are waiting to be delivered are separated.

Collaborative work

More than a screen, it is a collaborative work tool between cooks and waiters, it improves communication and teamwork.

Receive all orders in real time

In the waiters Display you receive all the orders of all your customers, whether they are ordered by your cashiers at the point of sale, by themselves at the portable point of sale, also directly made by customers from the kiosks self-ordering order or made from their homes or offices ordering through social networks, that way the waiters will always know on which table to serve the dishes or if it will be for Home Delivery